Welcome to Solid Ground

We are Lutheran clergy and laity, within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Grace, concerned about present trends and movements within our church.

We are calling for a reaffirmation of scriptural authority,a confessional faith,
and transformational theology as we address the issues of our time.

Dear friends and supporters of Solid Ground Ministry/Canada:

December 2011.
Dear friends and supporters of Solid Ground Ministry/Canada:
Solid Ground has attempted to serve as a confessional voice since 2004 to counter the drift of the ELCIC towards abandoning the ultimate supreme authority of the Scriptures for faith and life. 
In July 2011, at the ELCIC National Convention a new Sexuality Statement and motions to allow the marrying and ordaining of practising homosexuals were adopted. 
After careful deliberation, the executive of Solid Ground has decided that since it is unlikely that the decisions of the convention will be reversed, the time has come for those concerned to marshal their energies and resources more locally and regionally. The resource material previously posted on www.solid-ground.ca will be accessible throughout 2012, however, as of December 31, 2011 Solid Ground Ministry/Canada will cease operation.  
Our original mandate was to function within the ELCIC. And so we have done, despite attempts by those in leadership positions to silence our voice. However, individuals, congregations and clusters of neighbouring congregations still remaining now need to take the initiative to ensure that an ever-increasing number of members and congregations become informed about the radically new course of the ELCIC. They need to be informed about what is truly at stake and consider their congregational and individual responses because the issue of same-gender relationships is only a symptom of central and far more important issue, that of Biblical authority.
Many individuals and congregations are beginning to re-evaluate their relationship with the ELCIC. Some clergy, laity and congregations have already withdrawn and others are considering doing so, affiliating with theologically and confessionally faithful Lutheran denominations. 
We hope that God will grant us the courage to make the difficult decisions that need to be made, the determination to seek out others who are equally concerned, and that together, with God’s help and grace, we might discover a renewed passion for mission, evangelism, and service.
We want to thank each of you for your enthusiastic personal and financial support over the years and thank you also for your encouragement and prayers. 
In Christ’s Name, we await the future with optimism and hope.
Peeter Vanker, Chair
Ros Tubbe, Secretary
John Schoenhals, Treasurer

Solid Ground Intention to Disband



Regretfully, effective Dec. 31, 2011 the Board of the above-noted advises its members, donors & friends of its intention to resign & dissolve the Corporation.

In so doing, it acknowledges the motions (refer to Bulletin of Reports Section F- NCC reports pgs F-99, F-100 specifically motions #25,26,27 & 28) passed at the July 14 to 17, 2011 biennial convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (“ELCIC”) that negate the 4 “primary purposes of this corporation” as outlined in its “Application for Letters Patent Under the Canadian Federal Charitable Non-Profit Corporations Act”

  1. To unite laity and clergy within the ELCIC and its synods who are concerned about the ELCIC’s drift away from its traditional confessional position (particularly on matters of God’s design for human sexuality), for affirmation, support and communication.
  2. To promote Christian growth in the area of the understanding of and expression of human sexuality in light of the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions…
  3. To encourage the ELCIC & its Synods to face forthrightly and with integrity some very difficult questions, including, the interpretation of and application of the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions to social issues and matters of faith and life, particularly on matters of God’s designs for Human Sexulaity
  4. To cooperate with other Christian groups and individuals of similar purpose.

With dissolution, the Board will surrender both its Charter & its charitable # associated therewith.

Should there be sufficient individuals who, as members within the ELCIC, would like to continue the corporation beyond Dec. 31, 2011 & could convene a Board to legally do so, please advise the under-noted secretary of the Corporation prior to Tuesday Dec. 27, 2011, by phone as indicated below or email: editors@solid-ground.ca