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About Exodus International:

Exodus is a Christian organization which seeks to equip and unify agencies and individuals to effectively communicate the message of liberation from homosexuality through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Exodus upholds the standard of righteousness and holiness of God's people which is laid out in the Bible.

We believe Homosexuality is a product of a combination of factors:

The primary causes are the fallen sin nature of man and the individual's choice to act on feelings. Other contributing factors to the brokenness may include emotional damage occurring at an early age, a sexual identity deficit and other personal vulnerabilities. When the homosexual impulse is acted on, it increases the sexual, emotional and spiritual brokenness and can lead to this lifestyle.

We invite Jesus to indwell our brokenness: His indwelling presence in the life of a believer replaces the sexually confused identity, bringing about healing and restoration.

In 1986, Pope John Paul II approved and ordered published a pastoral letter to the Bishops of the Church which, in part, says: "Although the particular inclination of the homosexual person is not a sin, it is a more or less strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil; and thus the inclination itself must be seen as an objective disorder. . ... There is a clear consistency within the Scriptures themselves on the moral issue of homosexual behavior. The Church's doctrine regarding this issue is thus based, not on isolated phrases for facile theological argument, but on the solid foundation of a constant Biblical testimony..... A person engaging in homosexual behavior acts immorally....

When they engage in homosexual activity they confirm within themselves a disordered sexual inclination which is essentially self-indulgent..... The Church ... is really concerned about the many who are not represented by the pro-homosexual movement and about those who mav have been tempted to believe its deceitful propaganda.... The proper reaction to crimes committed against homosexual persons should not be to claim that the homosexual condition is not disordered..... The conformity of the self-denial of homosexual men and women with the sacrifice of the Lord will constitute for them a source of self-giving which will save them from a way of life which constantly threatens to destroy them..... -This Congregation wishes to ask the Bishops to be especially cautious of any programs which may seek to pressure the Church to change her teaching, even while claiming not to do so. A careful examination of their (gay activists) public statements and the activities they promote reveals a studied ambiguity by which they attempt to mislead the pastors and the faithful..... The neglect of the Church's position prevents homosexual men and women from receiving the care they need and deserve."

Homosexuals Anonymous

Homosexuals Anonymous (H.A.) is a Christian fellowship of men and women who have chosen to help each other to live free from homosexuality. The purpose of H.A. is to support individuals seeking that freedom. Group support is available through weekly H.A. meetings. Guidance is received through the shared experiences and growth of others. Strength is acquired by training the faith response through the 14 steps.

H.A. is non-sectarian and works inter- and nondenominationally.

H.A. does not endorse or oppose any political causes. It is NOT a crusade against "gay" organizations or movements. It does not wish to engage in any controversial issues that would draw members' energies away from the goal of maturing in their relationships with those around them and rediscovering their true identity through a restored relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Homosexuals Anonymous (HA) Chapters

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H.A.'s Statement on the Healing of Homosexuality

The basic premise of H.A. is that the root causes of homosexuality are spiritual, intrapsychic and relational. There is no proven, conclusive evidence that homosexuality is biologically caused. H.A. philosophy maintains that the grace of God through Christ brings freedom and recovery from the spiritual, psychological and relational distortions of homosexuality.

1. Often, secular psychology and psychiatry tends to define the person's sexuality in terms of physical and emotional responses (i.e., if you have homosexual desires, you are "a homosexual"). H.A. does not. Sexuality is determined by a much wider set of values: those of the person's relation to God, self and the world.

2. Much secular psychology and psychiatry sees homosexuality as a fixed condition ("once a homosexual, always a homosexual"). H.A. does not. Because of our wider definition of sexuality. we see homosexuality as a symptom of a confused identity in relation to God. self and the world.

3. Cure, or recovery, to many secular psychology and psychiatry, means a shift on the Kinsey scale from 6 to 0 (i.e., you are cured if your desires change totally from those for the same sex to those of the opposite sex). H.A. sees that recovery involves a much wider set of values: for example, the ending of anger and resentment toward God and parents, an acceptance of self in relation to God, and a feeling of safety in a world that, though seemingly alien, is nevertheless under God's loving control. The changing of these perceptions, both cognitively (thinking) and affectively (feeling). gradually modifies the person's sexual identity and compulsive drives. bringing a healing repentance of destructive behavior and introducing more positive attitudes towards the opposite sex and the possibility of choice. Inclination-shift (change in sexual feelings) is, therefore, gradual and dependent on the above altered perceptions, many of which are ignored by secular psychology and psychiatry.

4. Secular psychology and psychiatry is often limited in its ability to motivate a client and therefore frequently encourages the person struggling with homosexuality to accept himself or herself as "gay" or "lesbian" and learn to live with it. The Christian therapist or counselor has more from which to inspire motivation: the love and acceptance of God, bringing with it freedom from guilt and the renewed will to emotional growth.

5. Secular psychology and psychiatry generally have failed to see the marvelous resources for emotional growth available to it within the Christian community. H.A. draws heavily upon these resources and the results leave no doubt that people can recover from homosexuality.

3 Providing personal counselling and/or counselling referrals

H. A.'s Statement of Philosophy

Homosexuals Anonymous, a Christian fellowship, holds the view that homosexual activity is not in harmony with the will of God and that the universal creation norm is heterosexuality. Nevertheless, the great message of righteousness by faith in Christ brings mercy and hope to all people in homosexuality.

Christ, the Imago Dei (the Image of God), is the restoration of the creation image, in whom all men and women find their identity faith. The search for wholeness and heterosexuality within ourselves thus comes to an end. Men and women receive Christ as their image of God, in whom is their wholeness and heterosexuality. As a trained faith grasps this awareness, there is a breaking of the power of the homosexual inclination so that freedom from the homosexual drive and activity is a real possibility.

H.A., however, does NOT believe that a change in homosexual inclination is a requirement for acceptance with God or entrance into the fellowship of the church. Although deliverance from homosexual activity is the call of God, the healing of the homosexual inclination will vary according to growth and is a result of our faith identity with Christ, rather than as a way to it. Nevertheless, H.A. holds that the homosexual inclination may be healed and that all who desire it may realize their inborn, though fallen, heterosexuality, thus opening the way to heterosexual marriage and family.
Flight Ministries

Edmonton and Spruce Grove, Alberta

Director: Mark Elvin

Phone: (780) - 487-2266

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F.L.LG.H.T. Ministries offers excellent counselling using the Living Waters program

and also offers training in the above counselling program.
This ministry is also working in conjunction with the Communities of Grace program

of the Confessional Lutheran Fellowship of the Cross.
New Direction for Life Ministries of Canada

Ontario: Executive Director: Wendy Gritter Senior Staff Counsellor: Veronica Lok Senior Resource Developer: (on leave) Volunteer staff (receptionists, group leaders, interns, speakers, etc.). Mailing Address: New Direction for Life Ministries P.O. Box 1078, Station F. Toronto, ON M4Y 2T7 Telephone: 416 921-6557 Fax: 416 921-0052 (phone first) An Ottawa support group is now available. Please call 613-835-9184 if interested. email

Manitoba: Director: Tye Gamey. Staff: receptionists, volunteers and/or interns Mailing Address: New Direction for Life Ministries P.O. Box 1493 Winnipeg, MB R3C 2Z4 Telephone: 204 452-1826 (M-F, 9:30-3:30) Fax: 204 452-1799

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We offer Christian support to men and women choosing to leave homosexuality by:

1. Providing an opportunity for individuals to consider other alternatives to those which are generally offered, to speak to someone who's been there, and to ask questions in a nonthreatening, unpressured atmosphere.

2. Providing, support groups where men and women who want to leave homosexuality can: * speak freely in a safe and confidential place; * be encouraged by hearing how others are dealing with their struggles; * hear about the love of God for them and about their true identity in Him; and * learn about homosexuality and the process of healing and change.

3 Providing personal counselling and/or counselling referrals.

Core Values:

1. God loves people who experience same-gender attraction, regardless of their response to Him, their choices concerning beliefs and behaviours, or their interest in and experience of change.

2. Those who experience same-gender attraction should be treated with a justice and respect that is consistent with the Good news of the gospel.

3. God's intention in creation is that sexual expression take place only in the context of an exclusive. life-long commitment between one man and one woman.

4. A complete change of sexual orientation - from homosexual to heterosexual - is possible. Many who pursue this goal will achieve it or make significant progress toward it.

5. God has chosen the church to be the bodv of Christ to those who experience same-gender attraction. offering grace and mercy, calling them to follow Jesus, and providing a safe supportive environment in which to experience God's love and healing.